Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Winners & Our Nutty New Theme!

Sorry Tarts for the delay...I bet you all are having as crazy of a summer as I am! Does it seem to you that summer isn't nearl as long as t used to be? I mean, it's the middle of July already!

Congratulaions to ALL of you who paricipated in the Taste of Summer Pie Challenge - they all lookd AMAZING. But you chose your winners - and look who you chose!

Jeannette’s Lemonade Stand Pie and Mary at alpineberry’s Blueberry Hand Pies! Ladies, great job! Please get together over the next few weeks and come up with your choice of challenges for us...we're anxious to see what you think up!

Now...look what Jacque at Daisy Lane Cakes chose for our August challenge!

Nuts about Pie!!

Let’s get creative with nature’s protein and nutrient powerhouse, the humble nut. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, pistachios… whatever you chose, let’s use nuts as a prominent feature in next month’s pie. Whether it’s a nut-based shell that perfectly complements the filling, or a nut-studded filling, I can’t wait to see what all you creative bakers come up with.

Don’t forget about coconut, which is a nut too, right?

And for those with nut allergies, feel free to use substitutions… or skip the nuts and get artistic with peanut shaped crust… or whatever. Be creative! Whatever you do, have fun and we’ll see you next month!
Let's all post by August 7th, and voting will run from August 8-9th. Don't forget to send a thumbnail and permalink to your post to PiesWithThat at gmail dot com to be added to the Round Up. Anyone out there not on the Sidebar who wants to be? Please email! Can't wait to see these pies!


Caroline said...

I'm excited for this one - I know exactly what I'm going to make!! Love the theme!! Thanks!

Anne said...

Congrats ladies- this theme sounds fun and I'm getting exciting thinking about possibilities!

Amy said...

Can I just say I love this group?! This will only be my second challenge, but I'm already having so much fun!! Can't wait to think up a nutty pie!!