Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winner, Winner - We Have a Winner!!

Kittymama? You WON! That means COME UP WITH A THEME! Goodness knows which month it's for - we're terribly far behind since we've had ties and such. So give it some thought and get back to us whenever you have something.

Now, Jacque & Natashya who shared a victory have gotten together and come up with our theme for April....check it out!

We’ve watched their movies, gone to their concerts, read about them in the history books. Now’s our chance to bake them a pie.
Presenting, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” Pie.
That’s right, you get to go all out in the kitchen this month, making a special pie based on someone famous. Or you can pretend you’re making it for them (it’s always nice to have a pie idea at the ready, just in case Brad Pitt decides to drop by, you know.) Your famous person can be a celebrity, movie star, rock star or group, sports star, or even historical figure. Basically, anyone who’s had more than just 15 minutes of fame.
A few examples of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous pie might be:
Madonna, Put Some Pants On Pie
Trump Needs a New Hairdresser Pie
George Clooney Moussey Pie
Bogie and Bacall We'll Always Have Paris Pie
Have fun and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.
-Natashya and Jacque
Isn't that great theme? Well, think fast, we have a short turnaround this time. Everyone post by April 8th, and we'll vote on the 9th and 10th.
Just a quick note...if you have emailed asking to be on the blogroll, we'll get to you, I promise. Something is strange with our sidebar and none of us can figure out what the problem is, but we'll get it! Do note, to be fair to our Tarts, only those bloggers who have participated will appear on the Blogroll, and if you haven't participated in at least half of the challenges since joining, we're going to have to remove you. That's fair, right? Once you have emailed us asking to join and you've made a pie for the challenge, we'll get you on that sidebar. Make sure you email us when your post is up so that we all know you have made your pie. EMAIL, kids!
I am so excited to see what everyone does with this new challenge...and Thanks to all of you for playing along!
Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!


PheMom said...

That is a great theme ladies! Should be fun!

girlichef said...

Yay...this is a good one! And congrats to Kittymama!

kittymama said...

Gee, thanks everyone, I'm blushing now. Great theme for next month - I'll have mine to Susan soon.
Ellen (kittymama)

Anne said...

What a fun theme! I can't wait!

Madam Chow said...

And what is the day that we have to post by?

Jacque said...

Madam - post by April 8th.

Nichi said...

Bernie Madoff is deserving of two pies... I think not!

Great job everyone I wish I could vote!