Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Have Winner-zzzz!

Yep, another TIE!! This month saw some real creativity, but Jacque and Natashya topped us all with their masterpieces! Congratulations, ladies...we'll get you a badge to proclaim your victory!

Now, because of all of the ties, we're gonna have to work together to get through this. So Natashya and Jacque? Get together and get us a new theme! You have a little time to think it over, so just get in touch, hash it out, and let us know sometime next month.

Speaking of next month....

What's our theme? Well, glad you asked. Elizabeth emailed us the following:

"After playing with a few ideas, I've decided on "Herbs and Spices" as the theme. I think there's a lot of possibilities there. Obviously a lot of spices go well with pies (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger etc) but there's lots of room for creativity: orange-cardamom, chocolate-cayenne, pink peppercorn-grapefruit, etc. And I'm also excited to see what people do with herbs. Pairings like blueberries and fresh mint or strawberries and basil could be delicious, and herbs like lavender and lemon verbena are getting more popular. There are also lots of opportunities for savory pies and tarts with this theme. "

So put those thinking caps on, you Creative Tarts!

It would be wrong to ignore an obvious date coming here is my suggestion for our posting dates this go round. EVERYONE POST ON MARCH 14.

3.14=Pi (or PIE, in our case)

Then after everyone has posted, we'll vote. How about we vote from the 15th-16th. Yes, that will give us a short turnaround for April, but, we can't NOT post on 3.14. It would be a crime, right? And imagine the Food Blogging World when we bombard the internet with all of our PIES!!

Great job everyone and I am excited to see what you do!


Nichi said...

Congratulations Natashya and Jacque!

Herbs & Spices theme!?! Wow that one is going to be fun Elizabeth!

Natashya said...

I am so excited! Thank you so much!
Looking forward to working with my co-tart Jacque on a new theme..

Jacque said...

Thanks everyone!

I'm looking forward to seeing what herb and spice inspired pies everyone comes up with.

Sara said...

Awesome theme! I made my pie yesterday and really enjoyed planning out what I was going to do with the theme. :-D

Madam Chow said...

Do you have a link to Elizabeth's blog so I can add it to my post? I don't know what her blog is.