Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vote For Your Favorites Here!

If you participated this round, you can VOTE!! Exercise your right to vote...but only if you made a pie.
Comment on this post, listing your 3 favorites in no particular order. Who ever has the most votes at the end wins...and gets to choose the theme for the next round!

Everyone did a bang up job...really!!! Good luck, you Creative Tarts!

UPDATE- We need to wait until midnight to vote. Midnight! So if you voted already, like Susie Homemaker and Madam Chow - come back after midnight and vote again...we won't count anything posted before then.
Whew. Glad that's outta the way.


Susie Homemaker said...
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Nichi said...

vote already?
don't we have til the end of today to post? :(
i hope so my pie i in the fridge at home unposted.

tami said...

I just posted my pie (1:00pm Pacific Time) so I hope everyone will check it out before voting! Thanks!!!

Natashya said...

I wonder if we should list the pie we made when we comment that it is done. I am afraid I am forgetting and keep going back to the sites to remember who baked what. Maybe it is just my impending old age...

Madam Chow said...

SoGood Cupcakes, Cookies & More - Vivian's Groovy Strawberry Pie looks gorgeous and delicious

PheMomenon's James and the Giant Peach Pie - ditto

My Baking Adventure's Lemony Cheese Tart with Sour-Cream Glaze, 'cause I want to eat the whole thing by myself.

Madam Chow

Susie Homemaker said...

Okay, whoops! I will wait until the end of the day. Wait until the end of the day!! Wait Wait Wait!!
I may have to vote twice. :)

Judy said...

Creative tarts, eh? Can I use that in my signature?


Me, a Creative Tart

Natashya said...

Ok, it is now Thursday - here is my vote for top 3.(if only I could sample all those beautiful pies....)
#1-Meet Me in the Kitchen - peach raspberry, white choc. mousse pie.
#2 -Vivian's Groovy Strawberry Tart - So Good Cupcakes...
#3-Emma Hearts Knightly Pie - Anne Strawberry.
Really, they were all amazing, wonderful and fabulous. It was hard to pick just a couple.

April said...

This is so hard! So many great looking pies!!

1. Emma Hearts Knightly Pie-Anne Strawberry
2. Lemony cheese Tart-My Baking Adventures
3. Peach, raspberry, white chocolate mousse pie-Meet me in the kitchen

You Want Pies With That? said...

Okay, I saw them all, and wish I could vote for them all. But...I guess I will stick to my original vote.
PheMomenon's Peach Pie was beautiful. Too pretty to eat.
Red KitchenAid, though disgusting, she says it tastes good and it WAS very inventive.
Meet Me in the Kitchen - just sounds yum and was thoughtful.

Susan -

Lindsey said...

so much fun! my top three in no particular order
Anne Strawberry - Emma Hearts Knightly

PheMomenon - James and the Giant Peach

Baking with the Boys - Terms of Endearment peanut butter pretzel pie

Nichi said...

I wish I could vote for 5 or 6...

Vivian's Groovy Strawberry Tart
I totally want some.

Eternal Sunshine if the Spotless Pie
Genius blue meringue!

Whatever Happened to the Killer Rabbit?
I would never eat it but its just hilarious!

Elizabeth said...

Voting has to be the hardest part! There were so many great, beautiful, creative entries! If I have to narrow it down to 3 though, I guess these are they:

Meet Me in the Kitchen's A Lot Like Love:
Very creative, and pretty, and since I read her post, I've been craving it!

Ezra Pouncake's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:
OMG! Blue merengue! It may be childish of me, but I really can be persuaded/distracted by unexpected bright colors.

She's Becoming Doughmestic's No More Yanky My Wanky Pie
So creative, and well thought out. It shows that she loves the movie, and I like that.

Madam Chow said...

I'll vote again:

SoGood Cupcakes, Cookies & More - Vivian's Groovy Strawberry Pie looks gorgeous and delicious

PheMomenon's James and the Giant Peach Pie - ditto

My Baking Adventure's Lemony Cheese Tart with Sour-Cream Glaze, 'cause I want to eat the whole thing by myself.

Madam Chow

tami said...

I thought everyone's pies were wonderful and creative but since I can only pick three, here they are, in no particular order...

"Polar Express" Pie

Judy's Gross Eats
"More Brandy" Pie

Allergy Mom
"Sweeney Todd" Pie

Anonymous said...

Very difficult. I almost want this to be a secret ballot...

But, since we have to choose...
Meet Me in the Kitchen

Tammy said...

ok, my picks are:
Anne Strawberry
So Good Cupcakes
Sticky Feet

But I thought that everyone's were so cool and worthy of being a winner!

You Want Pies With That? said...

Alright, I loved Anne Strawberry's "Emma Hearts Knightly Pie", Leigh's "Hidden Treasure Pie", and Suz's tribute to Sixteen Candles (hilarious!!)

Fantastic job everyone! Really amazing and so fun!

Megan said...

Ok, here are my picks:

Baking with the Boys - Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie

Abby Sweets - Chocolate Chess Pie

Judy's Gross Eats - Brandy Alexander Pie

Jacque said...

Ooooh, sometimes I hate voting because I don't want to hurt the feelings of those not voted for. But I want to get my say, so... here goes...

Judy's Gross Eats because brandy pie sounds heavenly. Also, Dianne's Dishes because her Gone with the Wind pie looked so perfect. And... a third place tie to everyone else, lol.

Really, they all were fantastic and so creative.

Mary Ann said...

This was so much fun. I really enjoyed everyone's creativity on this first challenge!

Engineer Baker
Ezra Pound Cake
and Whisked Away
This voting thing was pretty hard for me, I really loved everyone's efforts.

Anonymous said...


PheMomenon's James and the Giant Peach Pie (Look at the crust. Don't speak, just stare at it)

Madam Chow's Great Race Pie (I confess, I'm a nectarine addict!)

She's Becoming Doughmesstic No More Yanky My Wanky Pie (One of my fav movies ever, and the pie makes me drool!)

Judy said...

Can I vote for all of them? No? Well, here are a few of my favorites:

My Baking Adventure's Lemony Cheese Tart

PheMOMenon's Peach pie

Sticky Feet (part Deux)'s Mocha pie

Daisy Lane Cakes' Lemon(lime) Tart

Apparently, I can't count either.