Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Winner & New Theme!

Thanks everyone for coming up with such yummy, nut munching pies! It was a complete droolfest. Officially, Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes took top honors again, but since she chose the nutty theme to statr with, she passed the honors on to the 2nd Place Pie...which happened to be a 5 way tie! So to be fair, a winner was chosen by - and that winner was JUDY of Judy's Gross Eats! So be thinking there, Judy, and get us your theme!

For our September Pie Round Up, Jenn of Piccante Dolce was the Theme-Picker-Outter---and here's what she has to say...

"As we get into the last month of summer and the last month of many (although not for me) of summer vacations, it seemed only fitting to do a vacation themed pie. This pie should be inspired by a vacation you have taken or hope to take. Whether it's reminiscent of your favorite Caribbean Vacation full of mango and pineapple or a hearty apple pie from a leaf peeping trip in the Fall or a pie that simply reminds you of the people you spent a vacation with, be creative and share your favorite vacation stories and photos along with it!"

Sounds Great Jenn!

So, get those Pie Thinking Caps on and meet us back here on September 8th. Make sure you email your links and pic by midnight on the 7th so that we can get the Round Up done on the 8th, with voting on the 9th & 10th. No excuses this month (even from me) as Labor Day Requires A Pie and we all know how to make one! Happy Baking!

Susan - aka DoughMessTic


Jacque said...

Ooh, fun theme! I like the ones where we have to put on our thinking caps and get creative.

Congrats Judy!

Judy said...

Holey Moley! I just returned from a short vacation to discover I won the August pie challenge. What fun! Now the hard part: choosing a theme. What month will this be?