Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Pies Winner & The New Theme!

I am a slacker.
No two ways about it. I have had the votes counted for a couple of days already, but am just now posting our winner. Please forgive me!

Your winner by a small landslide is......

Mary! The Food Librarian! That was a very creative Holiday Pie, Mary...a Partridge in a Pear Tart!?! So smart! Along with being the winner, you'll recieve our "One Creative Tart" Badge for your blog, AND you'll be picking our them for February. So think about it, think some more, and then let us know by January 5th what theme you have chosen.

As for January's theme, you may remember we had a tie last round, and our two winners Nic & Carrie chose the perfect new Years Theme!

"With it being the New Year and a time for us all to make (and usually break) resolutions, our theme is the Resolution Breaker Pie. A pie that sounds so decadent and delicious that you simply can't resist. A crust so buttery and flaky you quickly call dibs on a 2nd slice. A filling so gooey and creamy that you dig out your fat pants without remorse. A pie so fantastic you begin hatching a plan to keep the whole pie for yourself...... of course telling the entire family that the dog/cat/drunk Uncle Ed ate the whole thing and sadly there will be no pie tonight."

Oh wow...after seeing this months entries and watching my waistline increase, I can only IMAGINE what you Tarts will come up with for January! Please follow the same protocol as in the past by January 5th this time. We will vote from the 6th through the 8th - all at 3:14pm EST. Remember to email your link and picture to us!

Cant wait to see what you do!


Nichicakes said...

Woo hoo congratulations on making a beautiful pie Mary!

The Food Librarian said...

Wow! How awesome! I left work sick today and this is such a treat!!! All the other pies were beautiful, I can't believe I won! Thank you for letting me have some yummy co-workers enjoy it too. I'm thinking and thinking of February's theme! Thanks again!

Jen H said...

Congrats Mary!!

PheMom said...

Congrats Mary! Everyone's pies were great! I am looking forward to things slowing a bit and making a go of it this month. Great theme!

Madam Chow said...

Susan, I posted my pie!
Madam Chow's Kitchen