Saturday, October 11, 2008

Theme Two: Pies as a Fashion Statement!

First off, thanks SO much to everyone who participated and made our very first You Want Pies With That? such a huge success. Wow! You all really know how to rock the pie world.

Also, huge thanks to Susie at She's Becoming DoughMessTic for starting this party in the first place! So much fun in such a short time!

We actually had a tie so we have two winners for this first time around - Anne Strawberry with her fabulous Emma Hearts Knightley Pie and, ahem, actually, me, Holly from PheMOMenon with my humble little leafy James and the Giant Peach Pie. I am super, super honored to have won and to share this with Anne's fantastic pie. Thank you all so much!

Since we wanted to get a theme announced right away, we decided to put the theme for November on me and for December on Anne (so, Anne, you've got a bit of breathing room to tell us what you want the theme for December to be - just send us an email at pieswiththat[at]gmail[dot]com).

So, November's event is going to run slightly differently than October's. We're just learning the best way to do this as we go along here, so please bear with us.

IMPORTANT EVENT DETAIL CHANGES! Please read to be eligible to join in the fun!
  • Instead of all posting on the 8th, you can post anytime you want between now and the 3rd of the month.
  • We have decided to do a round-up of participating pies, so once you have posted, please send an email to pieswiththat[at]gmail[dot]com with the permalink for your post
  • Please attach a small (200 pixels) photo of your pie with your email
  • Emails should always include your name and your blog name
  • To be eligible for voting and the round-up you have to email us that you have posted by 3:14 pm (Eastern US Time) on the 3rd (it's a Pi thing again). That way we have time to have the round-up ready to post.
  • The round-up will be posted on the 8th of each month
  • Voting will still be via comments on a special voting post on the You Want Pies With That? blog
  • Voting will still only be open to those who participate in that month
  • Voting will only be open until 3:14 pm (Eastern US Time again) on the 10th

The new theme and winner will be announced shortly thereafter, so this always gives you almost a month to create and post to join in the fun and be eligible to win bragging rights, your own darling badge, and the honor of choosing a theme.

Hope that all makes sense! OK, now on to what you really want to know, What the heck does she mean by Pies as a Fashion Statement!?!

Theme Two: Pies as a Fashion Statement!
Well. Here's the thing. A couple of lovely ladies I know got me hooked on watching Project Runway. This coming week is the finale and in honor of Project Runway and the fashion world in general - I decided that the theme for November would be all about Fashionable Pies, Outrageous Pies, Colorful Pies, Pies with Texture, Pies that are Haute Cuisine as well as Haute Fashion, Pies that are Decked Out, Embellished, and Over the Top!

So, as a fashion statemetn, no, your pie doesn't have to be wearable, but well, should you choose to make someone wear your pie, that would be entirely up to you ;) !!

So, if you are with me, make a pie that is colorful, crazy, fashionable or all of the above! Then tell us what your "look" is - what was your inspiration, your muse?! Give it great name, maybe it is rock and roll style, maybe it is Vintage, whatever.

Now, please, just know that I am no fashionista by any means and this is all in fun! I'm not saying your pie has to be extravagant (unless you want it to be). After all, maybe you want to make the little black dress of pies, whatever that may be. Use patterns, different shapes, decorations, embellishments, whatever! Just let your inner fashionista get baking! After all, I like to think that baking is just another creative art anyway, just with the added benefit of tasting really good!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with! Happy Baking!


Anonymous said...

You guys are so cool.

Anonymous said...

There are a million things I want to do with this, how will I decide???

Libby said...

Aargh, I thought I had one more day to vote! (Post on Thursday, then three days to vote, that would be Friday, Saturday, and today.) I can't complain, though, since I am very happy with both the choice of winners and the next theme. I'm so glad you've decided to do the round up, too, since I literally had two pages of notes after clicking back and forth between the entries! If one of you lovely creative tarts has the inclination, maybe you could do a round up of the first theme for posterity? Libby

Nichicakes said...

Geesh I thought the first one was difficult! Man this one is going to be fun and interesting, can wait to see the pies you guys come up with.

Anne said...

Wow, thanks everyone! I'm still out of town and recieved such a happy surprise to see this while checking in before my flight. I can't wait to see everyones fabulous pies and think about the new theme!

Sihan said...

how did you even think of such a theme... wow man.. i'm stumped..

back to the drawing blocks